Proprietary Mobile Software

Sensor Tracked Exercises

Patients are assigned exercises to complete per their episode of pre or post opp care that sync with our sensor hardware to track patient progress.

Personalized Surveys

Daily surveys improve patient communication and outcomes, decrease complications, and allow providers to identify and respond to issues quickly.

Motivating Achievement Monitoring

Patients and providers can see daily and weekly goals and track progess to compare pre and post opp achievements.

HIPAA Compliant

The platform has been designed to protect patient privacy.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Providers and care team send patients daily advice and recommendations specific to your needs while monitoring your care.

Provider Directed Education

Patients receive daily eductational tasks to prepare for the pre-opp surgeries and continued education post-opp to get them back to their lifestyles quicker.

Access to Care Teams

Invite your friends and family to your care team. Have more connection to your provider and support staff without the need for an in-office visit.

Telehealth Platform

You have the ability to schedule remote visits and live remote video appointments.

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Wearable Smart Technology

Strive Orthopedics has created a new modality for orthopedic care utilizing smart wearable technology developed to actively monitor pre and post opperative progress of joint-related injuries from the comfort of the patient’s home. Our patent pending sensor technology transfers real-time feedback to a patient mobile app.

The sensors transfer live data to multiple platforms via smart technology enabling affordable, effective telemedicine exams. The device tracks healing of joint-related injuries and motivates patients to comply with the recommended care program.

Strive has created a precise and simple to use wearable that accurately detects real angles and Range of Motion. This, combined with a suite of conservative care plans, enables ongoing remote monitoring so progress can be tracked and reported against benchmarks.

Patient progress is automatically shared with providers or physical therapists at HIPAA compliant cloud based platform.

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