Become Your Best Self

Whether you are a patient, a family member, a healthcare provider or health system, our drive is to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to improve outcomes and quality of life on the journey to musculoskeletal health. From first visit to final visit, Strive Orthopedics have the solutions for you.

Our technology reduces costs associated with therapy and recovery complications with the ability to track your progress and assist with any needs on the road to recovery.

Meet the team

Dr. Padraic Obma, Strive, Strive Orthopedics, Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Padraic Obma
Founder & CEO

Padraic Obma, MD, is the founder and CEO of Strive Orthopedics. Dr. Obma has been in private practice for over 10 years as an orthopedic surgeon performing robot assisted joint replacement surgery and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. His passion for improvements in healthcare delivery and patient outcomes is the inspiration behind the Strive Drive.

Shari Kappell, Strive Orthopedics
Shari Kappell
Health Care Compliance Officer

Shari Kappell brings 18 years of experience and exceptional knowledge in healthcare, ranging from revenue cycle management and compliance to patient care. Shari currently provides strategic guidance and solutions regarding medical device and healthcare compliance. She has an emphasis on mitigating risk and improving quality and the patient experience. Shari is certified through the AAPC in practice management and professional coding.

Created with Care

Whether you’re an athlete, arthritis sufferer, or anyone with orthopedic aches and pains, Strive Orthopedics is here to help.

We’ve worked carefully to provide top of the line care coupled with first in class technology to make sure you get on track and stay on track to meet and exceed your potential.